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Service Descriptions

Preventative Healthcare helps to keep your pet healthy from birth to geriatric years.

-Wellness puppy and kitten visits provide a healthy start for your pet. Vaccination boosters are given every 21-28 days from 6 to 16 weeks of age then yearly. Each pet responds to vaccination differently and is vulnerable to disease at different ages so it is important to receive boosters on schedule. Routine deworming is very important at this age. The Center For Disease Control (a human organization) recommends monthly deworming to prevent human exposure and disease. The deworming protocols help to keep both your family and your pet healthy.

-Spaying/neutering your pet at 4-6 months of age prevents unexpected pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease and other long term healthcare issues.

-Microchipping/tattooing your pet provides lifelong permanent identification. We see more and more pets reunited with their owners because of microchips! This can also be used to obtain a lifetime license for your pet. Pennsylvania requires dogs to be licensed at 3 months of age.

-Annual exams are an important part of your pet’s healthcare program. Not all vaccinations are given yearly but in 3 year rotation so each year will have different needs based on your pet’s individual healthcare program. Heartworm and lyme disease testing is recommended yearly for dogs. Stool checks are recommended every 6-12 months depending on your pet’s lifestyle to protect your pet as well as your family from intestinal parasites. Most of the worms you can contract from your pet are not seen visibly in the stool. We check the stool for eggs of the adult parasites using a microscope. Pets that are inside only will still continue to shed parasite eggs throughout their lives

-Dentistry can be a part of keeping your pets mouth healthy or solving dental problems. Non anesthetic hand scale/polishing dental cleanings can keep your pet’s mouth healthy and avoid the need for more costly anesthetic cleanings. These can be scheduled every 6-12 months. Anesthetic dental cleanings provide a more comprehensive cleaning and can be used to remove heavier tartar, control periodontal disease improve gingivitis.

-Senior exams every 6 months once your pet reaches 10 years of age can help detect geriatric related disease early. There are many senior related diseases which can be helped with diet, medication, and lifestyle changes just like with people. Senior blood work is also a helpful tool in early disease detection.

Medical Services

In house blood laboratory allows us quick answers for critically patients. We provide a wide range of in house diagnostic testing. We also use a commercial lab to provide a complete spectrum of lab testing.

Digital radiography allows better quality xrays than traditional films. Results are available within minutes.

Ultrasound provides many diagnostic aides from pregnancy diagnosis and monitoring, to tumor detection, to heart function evaluation. These services are provided in hospital. Ultrasound images can also be sent over the internet to a board certified radiologist or cardiologist for further evaluation.

Endoscopy provides a noninvasive means to examine the gastrointestinal tract, nasal area, and respiratory tract to provide a diagnosis.

Soft tissue surgery ranging from routine spay/neuter to liver lobe removal.

Orthopedic surgery including TTA for ACL tear, bone plating and pinning, external fixators, and patellar luxation repair are available.

Acupuncture is available in conjunction with modern medicine to relieve symptoms and assist healing. Dr. Genova became certified by the Chi Institute in 2012.

Nutritional counseling is available. Sarah, a licensed veterinary technician, has received her nutrition certificate.

Health certificates for interstate and international travel are available. A health certificate is a legal document required for flying or crossing national borders. The document must be certified by the USDA. All doctors are certified by the USDA to sign certificates. Andrea, a licensed veterinary technician, is adept at helping to meet travel requirements for all destinations.

Reproduction related services ranging from vaginal cytology, progesterone monitoring, artificial insemination, abdominal ultrasound, and c-sections are available. Leslie a veterinary technician is also experiencing in neonatal and pediatric care.