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Our Hospital

Dr. Libby and Dr. Nixon opened Companion Animal Hospital March 5, 1995. They renovated a split level house and turned it into a veterinary hospital using a Builder’s Square credit card and sweat equity. At that point there were no other employees unless you counted their two small children. The hospital was founded on the premise of “caring for pets and their people.” Our first day began hosting a rabies vaccination clinic with all funds donated to the Lancaster County Humane League. With the help of the Middletown Canine Club, we vaccinated over 150 dogs and cats that Saturday. Since that day, we have continued to provide quality veterinary healthcare to the community. In 1996 Dr. Genova joined us as a part time veterinarian and Dr Zimmerman joined us as a veterinary assistant. Dr Zimmerman returned as a veterinarian in 2003 and became a partner in 2010. While in high school, Dr Muhonen joined us as a vet assistant and receptionist in 1999. She returned to us as a veterinarian in 2011. All of the doctors have worked together in different capacities for over a decade. Our staff has also grown over the years. Our staff histories reflect the consistency of the receptionists, technicians and veterinary assistants over time.

The ¬†original hospital was a split level house that was renovated in 1998. At that time we tripled our size and expanded our staff. The practice has continued to grow and we found that we again outgrew our facility. We moved to our new hospital 1 mile east on Hwy 230 in January. The new building will again almost triple our size and allow us to better serve our patients and our clients. We have added 3 exam rooms, a larger waiting room, larger patient housing and treatment areas. ¬†One of the rooms, the “comfort room” is designed for euthanasia and prolonged visitation. There is a physical therapy room with a water treadmill for rehabilitation as well as a room for acupuncture.